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Watch the Big Game at Borracha


Save Yourself a Seat for Super Bowl 57

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, bar none. While it started in the 1960s as a way to acknowledge the merging of the professional football leagues, over the last five decades it has grown into something so much more. It’s become an advertising bonanza, a culinary extravaganza, and a chance to party with family and friends. Since the Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest fiestas, come experience it at the best Mexican restaurant in Henderson–watch the Big Game at Borracha!

Game Day Game Plan

There’s a reason why people like watching sports in large groups of friends or with like-minded individuals: it evokes the spirit of a team similar to whatever game you’re watching. Sports bring people together even if they’re not the athletes themselves because they still unite over a shared common goal and the desired outcome: winning. Watching the Big Game at Borracha is perfect for those who want a high-energy, fun, and friendly environment. Borracha has the best food and drinks and plenty of TVs so that everyone has a great seat. This Superbowl Sunday is February 12th and kickoff is at 3:30 PM PT. You’ll want to make sure you reserve your seat here ASAP as plenty of people will have the same great idea as you to watch the Big Game at Borracha.

Fabulous Football Food

Dips are a Super Bowl staple, with 32% of Americans saying they plan to have at least one, and Borracha has some of the best. There’s the Bean & Cheese Dip, the Signature Salsa Trio, an authentic Queso, and of course, a Classic Guac. Borracha’s Bubbling Cheese Fundido bridges that gray area between Dips and Appetizers if you’re looking for a great compromise or path between the two. Along with the football favorite Chipotle Buffalo Wings, there are eight other amazing appetizers to choose from such as the Nachos or Chicken Taquitos. And these are just the warm-ups to the main event. Entrees include tacos and burritos and fajitas–oh my! You’ll have no issues hitting the $115 minimum required to secure a Super Bowl seat. You haven’t even seen the drink menu yet.

Bangin’ Bevs and Beers

Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain? What about margaritas and watching the Big Game? Perfect–Borracha has an extensive array of margaritas available, and any one of them comes in a pitcher for only $45. The Super Bowl is all about that beer, ‘bout that beer, no trouble, so you can order any of Borracha’s draft, craft, cans, and bottles that your heart desires! One of the perks of watching the Big Game at Borracha is the availability of both Super Bowl classics and delicious Mexican favorites. It’s a win-win on a day when coming out victorious means everything! If you need to see it to believe it, check out Borracha’s Instagram!