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Score 100 on The Test of Dry January at Borracha!

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Borracha Proves Dry January Doesn’t Have to Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Want to try Dry January but are a little hesitant? Borracha 100% has your back with their delicious and fun Zero Proof Libations for $12 during the month of January! Dry January is a trend that has been increasing steadily over the years, with ⅓ of Americans participating in 2021. It’s a great way to sample sobriety and start out the new year with a cleanse of the over-indulgence from the holidays. Like with every New Year’s resolution, it’s helpful to have support and someone rooting for you to help you with your goal. Despite their name, these mocktails won’t make fun, and they will help keep you true and off the brew this Dry January at Borracha!

Blood in The Sand

You’ll absolutely love having this Blood In The Sand drink in your hand. It’s a marvelous mocktail of Blood orange juice, agave, strawberry puree, and ginger beer garnished with a strawberry and powdered sugar. It’ll have you feeling relaxed like you’re right on the beach without having to worry about a thing. Naturally, Blood In The Sand also pairs perfectly with seafood like the Marinated Mahi Mahi tacos or Shrimp fajitas.

Pinky’s Up

Want to feel fancy even though you’re not chugging down some champs? Try the Pinky’s Up! It’s a tasty little treat of hibiscus syrup, passion fruit, pineapple chili shrub, and soda garnished with adorable little pineapple ears. Basically, it’s an instant pick-me-up that will put you in a fun and flirty mood. The Pinky’s Up feels even fancier with the Swordfish Veracruz that’s line-caught from the Pacific and grilled to make you feel terrific. With the omega 3’s and the vitamin B’s, you’re bound to feel swimmingly after eating and drinking these.

Nice Mangos

Sometimes alcohol gives us the courage for compliments, but a fresh fruit mocktail won’t give you cringe the next morning. Try complimenting yourself and your health for a change and order the Nice Mangos. It’s a sweet, kicky minx of mango puree, agave, lime, ginger beer, and hibiscus float. It’s garnished with a lime wheel and mint for a fresh, clean finish similar to how you’ll feel the next morning waking up without a hangover. Match these mangoes with the Chili-Lime Shrimp tacos for a truly spectacular pair.

You can match more menu items with your mocktails by checking out Borracha’s menu, or catch a glimpse of these Zero-Proof Libations on Instagram!