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International Hot and Spicy Food Day at Borracha Will Be en Fuego

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Borracha Is the Best Spot That’s Always Hot

January 16th is International Hot and Spicy Food Day where people around the world celebrate by eating cuisines that pack some punch for more than just lunch. While a lot of cultures are known for their spicy foods, Mexican food definitely is at the top of the list, and there’s no better place than Borracha Mexican Cantina to get your kick fix. There are plenty of dishes to choose from if you desire a little fire, which is one of the reasons why Borracha is the best Mexican restaurant in Henderson. Come celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day at Borracha!

Why Some Like It Hot

One important distinction for this international day is that spice is not a flavor, but rather a sensation. Sometimes that’s confusing because spices are used to invoke that sensation through food. That’s because certain spices, like hot peppers, create heat from a compound within them called capsaicin. Capsaicin literally causes your body physical pain and makes it think that you are in actual danger. In response, your body will release both endorphins and adrenaline in response to eating spicy food to try and “save” you, which will make you feel both happy and excited. So, hot and spicy food is fun and thrilling, and sometimes fulfilling for those adrenaline junkies in our lives.

Hurt so Good

There are actually a lot of health benefits from spicy foods. Prior to food preservation methods like refrigeration, peppers helped preserve food in warmer parts of the world, which is likely why cultures in warmer climates often have spicier cuisines than those in cooler zones. Spices like peppers have both long-term and short-term benefits such as helping with migraines and arthritis to maybe even an overall longer lifespan. Moderation is key, of course, as well as knowing how much spice is nice for you. Check out the Scoville Scale to see how much heat you can handle before you dabble. Oh–and always have milk on hand.

Borracha’s Best

Borracha has several dishes with the potential to pack more heat than Shaft at the OK Corral, like the Chili Relleno, Crispy Dynamite Shrimp, or the Chicken Loco. Most of the dishes will only have a little kick unless you request for it to be hotter, so don’t hesitate to speak up for some spice. Just make sure you can truly handle it guey, because nobody has all day to peel you off the ceiling if steam shoots out of your ears and you shoot up like a rocket. Take a look at Borracha’s menu before you come in to play on International Hot and Spicy Food Day so that you can make it the best that it can be!