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Have the Best Valentine’s Day at Borracha

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Toast to El Amor Y La Amistad at Borracha

Latinx people are renowned for being passionate, loving, and expressive as well as incredibly devout, so it’s no wonder that they are all about Valentine’s Day. It’s a day rooted in the celebration of St. Valentine and his ultimate sacrifice to allow love to conquer all, which is why Mexicans consider this holiday a celebration of both love and friendship. There’s no better way to combine both love and the divine than by dining at the best Mexican restaurant in Henderson. Come in with all or any of your loved ones for a lovely Valentine’s Day at Borracha!

El Día De Amor a La Amistad

Like the commercial stores in the United States, Mexican people like to get a jump on Valentine’s Day. Unlike the stores, however, this is out of pure excitement and devotion to expressing their love for family and friends. It’s natural for people to exchange plush or stuffed animals or flowers a few days before Valentine’s Day. There are also lots of group events and celebrations similar to carnivals with a love-centric theme called Kermes that are very common. In schools, students play a game called el amigo secreto, which is like Secret Santa, and they each give another student a little gift or candy. Mexican culture is not afraid to show feelings or emotions, and this is a holiday where the beauty of that characteristic is on full display.

Que Bonito Amor

Speaking of on full display, PDA is a natural sight in Mexico, and many locals warn that around Valentine’s Day, it can intensify. So, if it bothers you, just avert your eyes–or even better, find your own cariño to canoodle with! Many couples enjoy going out to eat for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day as well, and sometimes they will go the extra mile to secure a la serenata for their significant other. This is where a mariachi band will come and sing to their partner and serenade them for you, which is que romantico. It’s the Mexican equivalent of the guy with the guitar at a party, but with more gusto and more options than Wonderwall.

Love Day Is Tuesday

This Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, which everyone knows is the best day of the week regardless because of Tacos and Tequila at Borracha. That’s where you can get all-you-can-eat tacos, tequila, and margaritas for only $29, which is enough to make anyone feel the love! If you’re planning on coming in, make sure to book ahead of time as this is generally a hoppin’ day at Borracha anyway, and there definitely could be some love lost if you can’t get a seat to treat your love or family. If you want to show Borracha a little love in the meantime, then check out their Instagram!