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Have the Best New Year’s Brunch at Borracha!

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Rejoice and Recover with The Best Brunch in Henderson

Mexicans through the best parties and know how to celebrate like no others, but, luckily, they also have the best hangover cures and solutions. If you’re feeling especially cruda when you wake up in 2023, then New Year’s Brunch at Borracha is exactly where you need to be. They will have plenty of ways to get you restored and refreshed besides the standard Pelo de Perro. Borracha’s brunch is also a great option if you wake up feeling fine and are ready to rock and dine, so come one and all, hungover or ready to ball, for a great New Year’s Day brunch at Borracha!

You’ll Suero by This

If you’re cruda del agua (where you can’t even keep water down), there’s a special concoction you can make to help called suero. Suero is basically like DIY Mexican Gatordate, and it will help you hydrate and retain liquids when you desperately need them. The ingredients are simple too–12 oz cold mineral water (Pellegrino, Fiji, or Perrier are good choices), 1 tsp of table salt, and the juice of one lime. Mix them all together and add plenty of ice to chill it, and drink it slow and steady. You’ll be ready in no time to don some shades and surprise everyone when you actually make it to brunch, alive.

It’s Science

A lot of the reasons Mexican hangover cures work is because they fuel your body to do certain things to speed up recovery. Micheladas are another well-known hangover cure, and that’s because they have spice to help your body sweat out the booze, tomatoes for anti-inflammation, and beer to lessen the withdrawal of alcohol to avoid the shakes. What your body needs the next day is energy, healthy fats, and electrolytes, so any form of eggs for protein or seafood with omega-3 fatty acids is super helpful for decreasing inflammation and getting you back on track. That’s why Borracha chose these New Year’s Brunch Specials:

Oversized Michelada $19

Bloody Mary Flight $28

Seafood Campechana $24

Anyone of these will help you feel like your normal self again with the added benefit of being absolutely delicious.

Fuel to Fight the Fire

There are plenty of healing hangover dishes to choose from on Borracha’s brunch menu as well, all with the secret formula of spice, protein, and anti-inflammatories:


2 eggs any style, corn tortilla chips, black beans, cotija cheese, avocado, cilantro, with oven-roasted tomato arbol sauce. Add chicken or pork carnitas for extra protein for only $5

Pozole Soup

Carnitas, hominy, cabbage, radish, onion, oregano, and lime

Avocado Toast

Grilled sourdough, avocado, with pico de gallo, and a dash of lemon

For more great menu options, check out Borracha’s brunch menu. For some food spiration, check out Borracha’s Instagram.