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Find the Best Mexican Street Food at Borracha

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Borracha Brings Authentic Taste to Mexican Classics

Did you know that in Mexico City, about 75% of the people eat a meal from street vendors at least once a week? That is because street food–sometimes called antojitos (which means “little cravings”) is a large part of Mexican culture. At Borracha Mexican Cantina, you will find the best Mexican street food north of the border as well as a great place to sit down and eat it. Come taste the best Mexican street food at Borracha!


One of the most popular street foods in Mexico is tamales, but did you know that they are mainly enjoyed for breakfast? Tamales are a corn-based dough with a filling (usually meat), that is then wrapped and steamed. There are different types of tamales based on what they are wrapped in–like the oaxaqueño which is wrapped with a banana leaf–but most are wrapped in a corn leaf. Sometimes the tamales are gripped on the spot and other times they are deep-fried, usually, if they are left over from the day before and just need some heat to make it nice and crispy and just as delicious. Borracha’s BBQ Chicken Tamales are made with a rich corn cake topped with braised chicken, pico de gallo, and micro cilantro and are served piping hot.

Taco Y Taco

You’ve probably heard of a street taco by now, but most people don’t know how that is different than a “regular” taco. A street taco is considered more basic with a soft corn tortilla and grilled meat and sometimes onions and cilantro. It doesn’t have cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, or other garnishes that some people associate with tacos. Luckily, Borracha has both versions! On Tuesdays, you can have the amazing street tacos pictured here for the Tacos and Tequila special. Every day you can have other traditional tacos like the Carne Asada Steak or the Marinated Mahi Mahi that are mouthwatering and delicious!

El Resto

There are numerous other types of food that are popular on the streets of Mexico, like burritos, flautas, taquitos, and tostadas. There are variations of all of these types of Mexican street food at Borracha that are just as good as if you purchased them from a vendor in Guadalajara or Mexico City. Borracha’s Mexican street corn is an especially popular option to try and serves as a great side with other menu options or is a lovely stand-alone snack. No matter what you sample, you will definitely be satisfied, so come down to Borracha for an authentic meal of Mexican street food today!