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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Borracha Mexican Cantina


Borracha Mexican Cantina: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Your Mamá

In Mexico, Mother’s Day, known as “Día de las Madres,” is traditionally celebrated on May 10th. However, in the United States, Mother’s Day falls on May 14th, coinciding with the day that Borracha Mexican Cantina will be celebrating. It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace both cultures and come together to honor mothers in a joyous and flavorful way.

With its vibrant Mexican ambiance and mouth watering cuisine, Borracha Mexican Cantina provides the ideal setting to show your appreciation for the remarkable women in your life. Don’t miss out on this unique celebration where Mexican and American traditions converge at Borracha Mexican Cantina on May 14th.

Mother’s Day Dinner at Borracha Mexican Cantina

Celebrate Mother’s Day in style at Borracha Mexican Cantina on May 14th! Treat your mom to a delicious Surf & Turf special, featuring juicy Skirt Steak, succulent Lobster, perfectly grilled Asparagus, Braised Onions, and a flavorful Chimichurri sauce. This special will be available from 4pm to 10pm, so make your reservations now and enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones. Borracha Mexican Cantina promises to deliver a unique and authentic Mexican dining experience, so don’t miss out on this chance to spoil your mom with great food and drinks!

Mother’s Day Dessert at Borracha Mexican Cantina

Savor the ultimate indulgence with our irresistible Bread Pudding special! Made with love and carefully crafted, this delightful dessert is a heavenly combination of rich Brioche bread, plump Raisins, and a touch of Vanilla that infuses every bite with warmth and comfort. As you dig in, you’ll be greeted by a luscious drizzle of velvety Caramel that adds a decadent sweetness to the ensemble. And to elevate the experience even further, we sprinkle it with a generous helping of shredded Coconut for a delightful tropical twist. Join us at Borracha Mexican Cantina to relish this incredible Bread Pudding creation, a perfect ending to any meal and an unforgettable treat for your taste buds.